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Here at Geneasys our aim is to create, and establish the manufacture and distribution of highly innovative products that enable the diagnosis of a broad range of diseases around the world.  It is our goal to equip medical professionals, primary care workers, aid workers, veterinarians, military personnel and private citizens with a simple to use, low cost, and highly accurate diagnostic devices.




Beginning with our KeyLab device, Geneasys is embarking upon a mission to provide an economical and highly accurate diagnostic device that can be used by anyone. Our vision is that through the proliferation of the KeyLab device, the spread of infectious diseases and deaths caused by preventable diseases will be reduced as the scope and reach of healthcare is universally increased.



Geneasys is founded upon values of passion, innovation and a belief that the world can be made a better place through advanced technology. Our team of scientists, researchers and technicians are committed to developing and perfecting the KeyLab device, as well as other products that will serve to promote the health and wellbeing of people all over the world.


The Geneasys Team


The Geneasys team are experts in the areas of:


• Microfluidics and biochip design

• CMOS imager and mixed signal IC design

• Manufacturing

• Molecular biology

• Biochemistry

• Organic Chemistry/Molecular Design

• Fluid dynamics


The team has a track record of delivering quality microfluidics products, proven in high volume manufacture.


Geneasys has partners with expertise and equipment in the following areas:


• Mechanical engineering

• Software development

• Test systems

• Industrial design

• Advanced manufacturing automation

• Surface chemistry

• IP generation and prosecution





Geneasys Pty Ltd is an  Australian biomedical company based in Sydney,  Australia. Geneasys is focused on developing its KeyLab product, a nucleic acid based, molecular diagnostic Lab on a Chip (LOC) device.




Patent Filings


Geneasys has filed over 350 US patents in the categories of:

• Fabrication

• Microfluidic, microarray and diagnostic systems

• Nucleic acid amplifcation technology

• Lab on a chip technology and other electronics

Patents have also been filed internationally




Allowed patents

Patents typically take years to progress through prosecution to grant at the USPTO.

354 Geneasys patents were filed simultaneously at the USPTO on June 1,  2011.

Already, 12 of these patents have progressed through to allowance, including key patents such as patents covering the integrated sensor.


Why patents?

Patents are an enabler.  Without patents, it would be essentially impossible to fund a project such as this.